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Various Collections to Choose From - TatianaCast

About my work: 

As a Mixed Media artist, I work by blending mediums and techniques into various surfaces. Many of my paintings are created in canvas and whenever possible, I also create my artworks in wood panels I reclaim with the purpose of art creation. Re-purposing elements, particularly wood, allows me to give a new life to things. It also allows me to show a small token of appreciation towards nature.

Being a confessed “tree huger,” I love nature and let it inspire most of my work. I don’t necessarily paint landscapes or nature inspired scenes but I pay attention to nature’s colors and textures. Those are the colors and textures I later transfer into my paintings.

My art journey is adventurous and I love experimenting with techniques and exploring various subjects. Experimentation and curiosity have led  me to create various art collections. 

Here a brief overview of my work: 


A Collection of Mixed Media and Collage Paintings inspired by the beauty of femininity. 

I launched my artistic career and professional portfolio with this collection in 2012. In the last few years my portfolio grew in a different direction and I created other collections, However I am constantly inspired by the beauty and strength of many wonderful women I know. With time, I will add more pieces to this wonderful collection. 

Note: Various of the original paintings of this collection have been sold, however I have limited edition prints available for sell. Check out the rest of my site to see the items available for purchase.