Hola, soy Tatiana

I am a mixed media artist and instructor. The beautiful paintings you see on this site are inspired by nature's vivid colors and created with the incorporation of repurposed elements such as paper and wood. Giving a new purpose to things through my art is a way of showing love and respect for nature.     ____________________________

Soy artista plástica y profesora de arte. Mis pinturas son inspiradas por los colores brillantes de la naturaleza, creadas en técnica mixta y con la incorporación de papel o madera reciclados. Dar un nuevo propósito a estos elementos a través de mi arte es una manera de apreciar y respetar la naturaleza.

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Blue Blossoms *Limited Edition

A modern look: Two print special

Large! *Limited Edition in Aluminum

Use this wonderful flower image to add a sophisticated pop of color to any room. This *Limited Edition print comes elegantly framed, and ready for you to hang and enjoy! 

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Flowers are the smile of the earth and this summer special brings you two colorful prints to remind you of joy, and to uplift any room with a modern and sophisticated look! 

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This is very special! For an impressive look, order this extra large *Limited Edition artwork. Printed in aluminum this luxurious artwork will transform any room! 

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Bellas Mariposas 

New beginnings...

I love the color and playfulness of butterflies. I am also in awe with the process they follow to become beautiful creatures.

I called this collection "New beginnings" because with their short lives, butterflies teach us about constant evolution and invite us to see changes as  possibilities. 

May these playful images bring you joy and a wonderful message of hope and new beginnings. 

Tatiana Cast 

Wearable Art

Fashionistas and art lovers! Enjoy my Wearable Art collection: "Hearts to Love"

These beautifully handcrafted heart pendants adorned with Swarovski crystals are perfect for any occasion! ~ They also make an ideal gift for your loved ones.  

*** Each pendant is handmade with love at my art studio in the USA. 



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