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Hola, soy Tatiana

I am a self-trained mixed media painter and art instructor. I love nature and its colors, shapes and textures are my source of inspiration. As a symbol of gratitude and respect towards nature, my paintings include the use of recycled elements. I also love teaching people of all ages the joy and creative freedom and joy of mixed media painting.  

Soy artista plastica autodidacta y profesora de arte. Amo la naturaleza y mi inspiracion viene de sus colores, formas y texturas. Por eso, como un simbolo de gratitud y respeto hacia la naturaleza, mis obras son creadas con elementos reciclados.  También amo enseñar a personas de todas las edades la alegría y la libertad creativa de la pintura en tecnica mixta.

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New Beginnings

Hello art lover! I am very happy to introduce my collection of Butterfly paintings this spring. I love the color and playfulness of butterflies. I am also in awe with their own process and believe their existence is a gift to us. With their short lives they remind us to cherish each day and freely welcome new beginnings

I had a great time creating my butterfly paintings and hope these playful images will also bring you a lot of joy!

Tatiana Cast 

Wearable Art

 "Hearts to Love" 

Fashionistas and art lovers! Enjoy my 2019 Wearable Art collection: "Hearts to Love"

These beautifully handcrafted heart pendants adorned with Swarovski crystals are perfect for any occasion! ~ They also make an ideal gift for your loved ones.  

***Each pendant is handmade with love at my art studio in the USA. 

Introductory Sale: As an introduction to my collection, I am offering these beautiful pendants at a special price. Additionally, you can use code MORE2LOVE for an extra discount when purchasing 3 or more pendants. *These offers will end soon. Purchase today! 

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