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Tatiana Cast Painting for IKEA -Functional Art- Norraker Painted Table - IKEA Corporate Art Program


The IKEA project and ongoing hand painted tables by special request. 

Last year I was invited to collaborate with IKEA on a corporate sponsored art project that included the transformation of a Norraker Ikea table and bench into beautiful and unique art pieces.

The project highlighted the involvement of IKEA in the community and the brand participation in the EMEA fund which encourages the use of wood from properly managed forests.

I had a wonderful time participating on this project, transforming these 2 pieces into colorful pieces of art. My gratitude towards all the wonderful individuals and organizations who make the project and my participation possible including Business for the Arts in Broward County and the IKEA corporation, particularly the marketing and management team of the amazing store in Sunrise, FL. 

*Note: Now you order your costumed painted Norraker table! More information below. 


Artist Tatiana Cast and IKEA Art Program



* Now you can request a Norraker table costume painted by Tatiana Cast! 


Please note: Tables are hand painted using the artist collage / mixed media style. To protect the artwork, the surface is covered with durable resin. Hand customization takes 2-3 weeks and the work is exclusively performed on the IKEA Norraker table. Contact the artist for further information.