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Tatiana Cast

Although a native of New York, Tatiana spent a magical childhood around farms in Europe and South America. Being particularly fond of spending time in her grand-parents farm in Ecuador, you see evidence of her love for horses, birds, flowers and organic colors and shapes in her paintings.

Tatiana specializes in the creation of boldly colorful and beautiful mixed media paintings that uplift the viewer's spirit. Her choice of materials is interesting to mention as her art includes her own photographs, the use of recycled elements and the preference of using reclaimed wood. Adding to her statement to remind us of the fragility of nature and our responsibility to care for it.

Tatiana holds a business degree from NYU and is a self-taught artist, art educator and author based in South Florida. She exhibits her work in various local, national and international fine art galleries. Locally, she also facilitates painting classes in both languages: English and Spanish.