Tatiana Cast

Mixed Media Artist and Designer.

Tatiana's expressive and colorful paintings evoke happiness. With mastery of vibrant color, rich mixed media textures and elegantly stylized imagery the artist transports the viewer to a land of joy and whimsical innocence.

With representation in various Fine Art Galleries accross the United States and numerous national and international art awards, the artist's artworks are a hot commodity among contemporary art lovers and interior designers who appretiate her unique style.

Inspiration: The artist draws inspiration from nature and also from fond memories of her childhood, spending time in her grandparents' farm in Ecuador. A magical place of blue skies, bountiful nature, gentle horses, colorful birds, and beautiful gardens.

Commitment to Green Planet:Tatiana's philosophy of care for nature is expressed in her choice of materials. To this end the artist explains: "Reclaiming elements -particularly paper and wood- and giving them new purpuse through my art, is a beautiful way to create and a token of my love and respect for nature."

Entrepreneurship: Tatiana is also a talented illustrator and designer and easily incorporates these elements into her portfolio. Additionally, she loves teaching others about art creation and is the founder of Canvas Fiesta.- An art entertainment company dedicated to spreading the joy of creativity via painting classes and painting parties for children and adults.

Education and Background:Tatiana is a self-taught artist who has learned about art through independent study and often via trial and error. Her art curiousty and learning desire has also taken her to explore new materials and techniques in art recidencies and artist led workshops in ateliers across the globe including Brazil, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Ecuador, Colombia and the United States.

Her formal education is in Business Adminsitration and Marketing and she holds degrees from New York Univesity and NYIT. Prior to following her heart’s calling, she held a successful corporate career working for Fortune 500 companies.

Originally from New York, the artist is now based in South Florida where she facilitates painting classes in both languages: English and Spanish

Artsy friend,

Thank you very much for your interest in my work. Check out the rest of my site for more beauful art and ideas on how to decorate your home or office with my original paintings, limited editions or art prints. All products I sell are created and shipped directly from my art studio in Florida, USA. Connect with me if you have any questions or wish to comission work. Cheers!

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