Tatiana Cast

Multimedia artist and art educator.

National and International Exhibitions: With numerous national and international awards and exhibitions, Tatiana's modern and colorful paintings are a hot commodity among art collectors and corporations that appreciate her unique style. 

Inspiration: The artist uses nature's vivid colors, shapes and textures as a source of inspiration to create beautiful paintings that uplift the viewers spirit. Fond memories of her childhood, spending time in her grandparents' farm in Ecuador are also a source of inspiration.

Themes: Her preferred themes evidence her love for horses, birds, flowers and organic colors and shapes. 

Repurposed Materials and Mission: Her choice of materials is interesting to mention as her art includes recycled elements and the preference of using reclaimed wood. Giving a new purpose to these elements, particularly paper and wood, is a way of giving them a new life and showing love and respect for nature.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: Tatiana is also the founder of Canvas Fiesta (An art entertainment company dedicated to spreading the joy of creativity via painting classes, painting parties and corporate art programs)

Background: Tatiana is a self-taught artist. She holds a business degree from NYIT and prior to following her heart’s calling, she held a successful corporate career working for Fortune 500 companies.

Originally from New York, the artist is now based in South Florida where she  facilitates painting classes in both languages: English and Spanish

Current Art Exhibition


My work was selected by the Art Selection Committee of the city of Hollywood to participate in a local art exhibition. It's an honor to be part of the county's "Arts in Public Places" program with this exhibition. I also had the opportunity to curate the work included in the group show. 

Location: ArtPark Gallery. One Young Circle Dr. Hollywood, FL 33020

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