Tatiana Cast

Multi-Media Artist

Portfolio: Paintings, Collage, Mixed Media Pieces, Photography and Installation Work.

“Tatiana’s work is a lively blend of bold colors and rich textures. Her collage and mixed media techniques blend photo imagery with various elements of texture. With love and respect for nature, she uses recycled elements and reclaimed wood to create many of her pieces.” ~ New Horizons Magazine. Featured Artist 2014

Born in NYC, Tatiana spent childhood and adolescence outside of the US. She has lived in Europe, South America, and in various states of the US. Her Immersion in various cultures serves as an influence of her vision and art creations.


Tatiana’s formal education is in Business and Marketing. Her professional background includes a successful management career in the corporate sector, entrepreneurship and business consultancy.


As an artist Tatiana is mainly self-taught. Her interest in art prevailed since childhood, as such she has always made room to learn about art, and to keep art creation as a part of her life. Her on-going artistic development includes art workshops and training in various art schools and “Ateliers” in Europe, South America and the US. I.e: Italy, Germany, Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina, and NYC.


Artistic Portfolio:


Tatiana launched her professional art portfolio in 2012. With an impressive number of local and international art exhibits and awards, her work is quickly becoming a commodity for art lovers and contemporary art collectors.


Her current portfolio includes abstract and semi-abstract paintings and collage pieces presented in these collections:


“Seeking Beauty” A study of women.

“Abstractions” Abstract Mixed Media Paintings

“Once Upon a Horse” Semi-abstract equine paintings inspired by the beauty of horses. Proceeds of this collection are dedicated to horse rescue.

“Gifts of Nature.” Abstract mixed media paintings inspired by and dedicated to nature.


Artist Statement:


“Art is a journey, not a destination. On this journey I am constantly searching for elements to keep me connected to the essence of things beyond form. Most of my work includes collage and mixed media techniques. ~ My creative process is spontaneous and in most cases, I draw my inspiration from nature. Nature is about orderly chaos, bold colors and rich textures. Transferring that energy and boldness into my pieces leads me to maximize the use of color and layers of texture that characterizes work.~ Receiving so much inspiration from nature leads me honor it and as a simple gesture of respect I incorporate the use of recycled elements and reclaimed wood in most of my work.” Tatiana Cast


Find the artist’s work: Tatiana’s work can be seen in private collections, corporate settings and in national and international fine art galleries.


The artist also participates in various art exhibitions in her current state of residency (South Florida). ~ Sign up to the artist newsletter to receive updates.


Teaching: In addition to working on her own creations, Tatiana also teaches acrylic painting and mixed media workshops.  For details contact info@TatianaCast.com 


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